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УSunnyФ is a private shelter and its inhabitants can hardly survive without help from outside. If you have something to help us with, please get in touch. Winter season is the most difficult for animals. You can pass money to our account or give any things, that are no use in your home no more. Please, find below the things, which are necessary for more than 200 dogs in our asylum:

Open air cages and boxes:

- - building materials (boards, veneer, sawdust, etc)
- - old things for warming (clothes, blankets, carpets, etc)
- oil warmers


- meat/ cereals/macaroni/
- plates and dishes for food and water, bowls, pans


- - drugs and vitamins (especially Aminovit for old animalsТ strengths)
- syringes
- bandages

Collars, reins, dog toys

If you canТt help with all this, share your knowledge, time and ideas!!! УSunnyФ need assistance in:

- vaccinating the animals
- building new boxes
- making photos for Internet site
- fundraising
- finding homes for dogs

- promotion of www.priut-sunny.narod.ru
- placing of banners or references to УSunnyФ on other sites
- translation of site information into English, German and other languages
- attracting sponsors and volunteers

One of our purposes is to find constant assistance and sponsorship. The ideal partners are veterinarian clinics, food producers and construction companies. If you have contacts in these spheres, please, assist!!! You receive sincere dogs thankfulness and advertising on our site.

In this page there are references of people, who help Veronica Nikolaevna and her pets.

Elena Chirkova, priut-sunny@mail.ru:
УI found this shelter last year, when trying for 3 months to find a home for a dog, dying in cold streets.
And now the shelter itself needs help. The situation in brief is as follows. It is private. Its owner and the only staff is Veronica Nikolaevna Ц a unique woman, aged 65, who gets over a lot of troubles in spite of being insulted. There was a time when our community was interested in her shelter Ц MK (УMoskovsky KomsomoletsФ) wrote about it, Veronica Nikolaevna was participating in TV programs (ORT, УBolТshaya StirkaФ) and some people become УSunnyФ Тs sponsors. The summer was great. The new friends have helped to make a metal fence, build closed air cages for dogs, provide the shelter with electricity, buy warmers. But the winter came and their spirit left away. So now we need ANY assistance.
If you have old clothes, some building materials or you just can come and help to make wooden boxes...we need almost everything!!!
Recently I have seen a young rottweiler with 5 puppies, aged 3 days Ц they were left right on the road!!!
Several days ago we found a puppy, a half of its muzzle was bitten by a rat. We could not stop tears!!!.... In this shelter there are also old and sick dogs, they need not just food, but cure as well.Ф

Natalia Ignatova,www.spanieli.ru project: УThe shelter founder, Veronica Nikolaevna, finds animals, left by owners, brought to be killed in veterinarian clinics for they donТt apply to pedigree standard or because of lacking time to take care of them, bitten by drivers, pregnant dogs, with newborn puppies, etc. Puppies and sick dogs stay in her one- room flat, other live outside in the boxes.
This year, thanks to Veronica Nikolaevna and her sponsors efforts, there was built a winter shelter. Among its inhabitants almost 200 dogs, young and adult, big and small, all very different and waiting to be taken home by a good master...
Once we were very lucky Ц due to a brand we found owners of a lost dog!!!
Unfortunately, we could not find them for another branded dog, lost at the same time. They just didnТt want to take him back. So, every dog has its own story and tragedy.
We are looking for people (unfortunately, there arenТt many of them), who are ready to give shelter to these dogs. These people must be trustful and responsible: a lot of dogs have already been hurt, and we would not let the new owner to pass a dog like a ball.Ф